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The hottest couple on the Brazilian telenovela has yet to kiss, and the network may be to blame.

AfterEllen readers from around the world wrote in asking us to continue “Clarina” coverage and I, for one, am thrilled to oblige. Although modern in many ways, Brazil is still a country rooted in Catholic tradition. Em Familia’s lesbian storyline is a groundbreaking step forward in gay normalization and acceptance. Over the last month Marina and Clara’s relationship has deepened, but fans are still concerned whether a kiss between a lesbian and a married woman will be aired in Brazil.

During the April 13 episode of Em Familia, Clara and Marina’s sexual tension reached new, dizzying heights. Clara and Marina exchanged longing glances and veiled caresses while dancing to “The Way You Look Tonight” in a gorgeous, bittersweet scene that left fans speechless. Several AE readers wrote that wrote that Marina and Clara’s dance was the best Em Familia scene yet, and one of the most moving televised gay moments they’d ever seen.

Lea Michele filming the On My Way music video [4.20.14]